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At Maurice Electrical Supply our continued growth in the marketplace is attributed to our innovated thinking and continuing to find “Values Adds” that save our customers time and money. With our newly added Controls Mod Shop facility (CMS), our Control Specialist provide solution that do just that. This is what separates our team from other Electrical Distributors. Maurice Electrical Supply works with:

  • Electrical Contractors
  • Mechanical Contractors
  • Building Maintenance Companies
  • OEM’s
  • Manufacturing Plants and Engineers

With our CMS facility our existing and new customers can turn to our team of Controls Specialist to provide solutions to reduce project cost, with our extensive inventory reduce long lead times and eliminate frustration by delayed delivery dates from the manufactures. Because of our strong relationships with our manufactures our team can provide quick response for warranty issues, and again, eliminate the frustration of the back and forth communication between the Electrical Distributor and the Manufacture. We can supply:

  • VFD’s, Soft Starters
  • MCC’s, Starters, Contactors, Lighting Contactors
  • Relay, Terminals, Pilot Devices, Switches and Pushbuttons
  • Power Supplies and Control Transformers
  • Operator Interfaces, PLC’s and more…

Our services include….

  • Starters Built to Order
  • UL508A Custom Built Panels
  • Design Build
  • Lighting Panels
  • Pump Panels
  • Relay Protection Panels
  • Eaton Certified VFD Startups and more
  • In house Submittals and Drawings with Schematics

With all these solutions and services, give us a call and let Ken Crews and the Team put your Controls on Crews Control! (434) 237-2436

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